20 Things I wish I had known before starting my business

20 Things I wish I had known before starting my business

Starting a small business is an exciting but challenging endeavor. Having embarked on this journey myself, I have gathered valuable insights along the way. Here are the top 20 things I wish I had known before I started a small business. I hope these insights can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

 1. Define Your Business Vision

Outline your business vision, mission, and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) first. It makes the entire business planning journey so much simpler, clearer, and defined. Otherwise, your messaging can become confusing.

 2. Accept Evolution

Your business will evolve over time and that's okay. Remain open to change and adaptation.

 3. Launch Before Perfection

Launch your business before everything is perfect. Remember, improvement is a continuous process.

 4. Control Your Website

If budget is tight, control your own website to avoid dependence on a web developer early on.

 5. Build a Social Media Strategy

You need a social media strategy. Build one, it will save you a lot of time and keep your marketing efforts streamlined.

 6. Connect with Like-minded Individuals

Build connections with like-minded individuals. Sharing is indeed caring in the business world.

 7. Be Selective with Networking

Be selective with networking. Choose events that align with your style and goals.

 8. Focus on One Area of Growth

Concentrate on one area of growth at a time, otherwise, you're more likely to end up standing still.

 9. Delegate and Outsource

Delegate and outsource areas outside your expertise, such as accounting or content creation. This allows you to focus on your strengths.

 10. Prioritise Self-care

Prioritise self-care and relaxation. Remember, you need to recharge to maintain your productivity.

 11. Keep a Notebook by Your Bed

Keep a notebook by your bed for late-night flashes of inspiration. You never know when a brilliant idea might strike.

 12. Aim for Steady Growth

Aim for steady, sustainable growth. Rapid expansion can sometimes lead to instability.

 13. Have Plans for Different Time Frames

Have short, medium, and long-term plans. This will help you stay focused and organized.

 14. Develop a Product Range

Develop a product range with options at different price points to cater to a wider audience.

 15. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

It's okay not to have every step planned out, as long as you have a goal in sight.

 16. Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself. Confidence is key in entrepreneurship.

 17. Acknowledge Imposter Syndrome

Acknowledge the existence of imposter syndrome, but don't let it hold you back. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

 18. Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Surround yourself with supportive people and avoid those who see you as competition. A supportive network can be a source of strength and motivation.

 19. Ask for Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are important. Don't hesitate to ask for them. They can be a powerful tool for building trust with potential clients.

 20. Say No When Necessary

Remember, it's okay to say no to work that isn't a good fit. Stay true to yourself and your business.


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