In need of some expert Retail advice for your business?

We apply the thought process behind big retail businesses to grow your business

We KNOW the best way to plan your retail business considering every last detail


I am Jules Rennison

After working for a leading blue chip retailer, this is what makes my business stand out. We can provide retail advice to your business. We have a wealth of knowledge to help push your customer facing business forward.

All customer facing businesses need to first build

Business Fundamentals

Scoping out your business fundamentals needs to be the starting point for all businesses. Aligning your mission statement, with your brand values and your USPs.

it is key to consider layouts

Setting your online or bricks and mortar up for success is key

Where every item, product or service is presented is a thought process. Shops do not just place anything anywhere and hope for the best. There is a logical process to follow to maximise sales



This can feel like a jigsaw puzzle at times if you do not hold the keys to the best way to build product ranges. We provide the knowhow of how to build your range but can also support you in building a considered range that most importantly your customer wants to buy.

planning your

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Too often I witness Small Businesses making knee jerk reactions to their offers. What you need is a clear, crystallised plan of HOW to approach your year from day dot. Whilst there is room to be reactive, it is better to be proactive.