How to write a better social media post in three easy steps

How to write a better social media post

Do you struggle with what to write on your social media posts? Have you found yourself staring at a blank page with writer's block? You may have so many ideas that when it comes to putting pen to paper (or more likely fingers to keyboard) the original intention for the post gets completely lost.

We've all been there, so let me tell you our three simple steps to making the job a lot easier.


Our three simple steps for writing better social media posts

Break your post down into these 3 elements:

  • The headline - Grab your readers attention
  • The body copy - short sentences to make it easy to read
  • The call to action - tell your readers whet you want them to do next

 Let’s look at these in more detail.


Step 1. The call to action (aka the CTA)

Yes, yes, I know it's last on the list above, but this is where you should start. Most business owners make the mistake of writing a post then shoving the CTA at the end, very mush as an afterthought or in some cases they completely forget about it all together. Big mistake.


We are not taking about your contact details here, it’s more direct, for example:

Book Now, Shop Here, Call today for a free quote are all simple clear CTA’s.

When you write it first you get a clear idea of the intention of your post. You know the action you want your readers to take therefore paving the way for a more focused body copy.

Here is an example of how and how not to do it!

Examples of good and bad CTA's in social media posts


Step 2. The headline

The reader only gets to see two or three lines of a post on a newsfeed before they have to press ‘see more’ to read the rest of the post. So, are your first few lines making an impact?

Create curiosity, provoke an emotional reaction or tell the reader why your service or product will benefit them. Asking a question most people are likely to say ‘yes’ to is a great way to grab attention.

Here are some good examples:

  Example 1 of a good headline for a social media post     Example 2 of a good headline for a social media post

Example 3 of a good headline for a social media post


Step 3. The body copy (the main text)

Did you know the vast majority of us skim read, you may be doing it right now! Skim reading is a selective reading method where you only take in the main ideas of a piece of text.

So, keep it short and simple.

Don't use jargon, long explanations and heavy sentencing. Make key points stand out by using:

  • Bullet points
  • Emojis
  • Creating subheadings

Keep it clean (and I don't mean you can’t be cheeky,) I mean make use of white space and paragraphing. People are much more likely to read your text if it’s formatted properly. See the example below:

Example of good and bad body copy in a social media post

Lastly, and this is not something to include but more of a frame of mind, keep it natural.

Many of my clients say they struggle to sound natural when writing and this little trick will help. Just imagine you're talking to one person.

What would you say if your ideal customer was standing in front of you?

I also use voice notes to record myself. Try it. You will feel silly at first, but it's a great way to listen out for words and phrases you use the most and helps you get the right tone of voice.


Need more help?

If you'd like help with writing for social media, give us a shout.

We offer a range of services for all small businesses and startups. We can arrange a power hour to discuss ideas, or an audit where I’ll talk you through how to improve your posts. Or if you prefer, we can discuss full social media management where we take everything off your hands.

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