Re set, Re focus, Re connect

Re set, Re focus, Re connect

I wanted to reach out as I am very aware I have been silent of late across all platforms and wanted to let you know why. My focus has been my clients for the last six months which is always of utter importance but I need to focus on myself and my business too and this I have struggled with. 

I wouldn't say I can pin point it down to just one thing only but let's say a combination of feeling overwhelmed, still getting over covid so my body has been so tired for 6 months yet my mind has been busy busy busy! My mind is brimming with ideas to push the business forward that I’ve lost focus by trying to focus on all at the same time! Which I always advise against to all my clients!  Business owners I know have all felt this way at times. So I’ve been taking my own advice and I felt I needed to step back, and re set my mind so that I could take my business onto it's next journey and chapter.

I have been re strategising since the New Year and have an exciting new chapter up my sleeve for widening our support to SMEs and primarily start-ups. I am not ready to share the details yet but I am hoping it will be live coming in this Autumn Winter.

My passion never wavers for giving business owners the right stepping stones to move their business forward, I always go above and beyond to support each and everyone of my clients as their business becomes my business as I try to help them realise their business dreams and full potential.

The BB Group Team continue to be the backbone of the business and I am forever grateful for all they do to support our clients. They never fail to turn up for each and every client and support the businesses with new and inventive ideas. They always strive to follow the latest trends and build on new ideas for Social channels and analyse their insights on each channel each month to ensure the content they are creating and releasing is on point for each client.

Coming up soon, we will be launching our new brand- a play on BB Group Business Consultancy but it's time it moved on so I look forward to sharing it with you soon.

I'll be in touch soon

Jules xoxo




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