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Business Sidekick- Business support on another level

Business Sidekick- Business support on another level

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Introducing Business Sidekick- business support on another level- your ultimate solution to all your business needs. My new service offers maximum support and solutions for your business. Let me figure out how to help while you focus on your core tasks. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to success with Business Sidekick.


Tasks can be anything but most popular so far:

⚡Those with Retail or Product Based Businesses- love my continuous retail strategizing and ways of improving visibility and sales

⚡Putting Best Practises into place in a business with new processes

⚡Review of Product Offering- is it maximised?

⚡Content Creation for socials

⚡Market Research of competitors in the same field

⚡Review your audience- are you reaching the right audience?

⚡Brand Audits

⚡Project Management ensuring timescales are adhered to

⚡Product Development


Minimum Contract Applies. Cost shown at £40 is per hour.

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